Google updates Android Play Music App to v6.11 with new features

Play buttons added to album and radio cards, next wave of features strongly hinted.

Posted by Nelo on Fri Jul 15, 2016

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It's a simple and unspectacular change, adding play buttons to most radio and album cards but the end result is less clicking to start your chosen content and let's be fair many people have exhausted fingers from marathon Pokemon catching sessions. Still there is more to be excited about as Google updates the Play Music App to v6.11 as some bloggers have discovered after digging into the source code.

The basic code for a sleep timer has been added, albeit in an unfinished state. This will allow you to fall asleep to some soothing sounds safe in the knowledge that the stream will end after a specified period of time. You will no longer have to fear being torn out of your slumber in the middle of the night by some banging hard house tune that somehow infiltrated your chillout playlist.

Auto-Resume is apparently on the cards, a feature that will allow you to set conditions for your stream to automatically resume following an interruption such as a booty call or third party app alert.

Also included is the basis for something called Headphone notification. Now you'd have to take a wild guess as to what it actually means but the running theory is that plugging in headphones will launch the Play Music App and start streaming. Hopefully this will be disabled by default as some of us only plug in headphones for sensitive calls with our attorneys.

There's a lot of features Google Play needs to add and sadly this update doesn't exactly blow our socks off. Still it's good to see that there is a very active team working on improvements.

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