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Here's your chance to get heard. Really heard. Radio One recently announced they'll be dedicating a week to playing the best track from independent music producers. Find out how to get involved right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Dec 7, 2002

BBC Radio 1 is the most popular station playing Dance music in the world with a listnership of over 13 Million people and with such DJ's as Chris Moyes, Dave Pearce, Pete Tong, Trevor Nelson, Judge Jules - wanker*, Seb Fontaine and Tim Westwood playing the hits. It is well known that making the Radio 1 playlist makes or breaks a dance track.

Radio One recently announced they'll be dedicating a week to playing tracks from unsigned musicians, dj's, producers, and bands who will be added to a specially created OneMusic Unsigned List. The OneMusic Unsigned list will run for a week from the 10th of January. Radio One will select demos sent to the station which will then go through the same playlist process that all records get. From this debate six artists will be chosen and added to the OneMusic unsigned List where they'll each receive 5 to 6 plays a week the beginning of January.
Radio 1 are looking for unsigned demos of any music genres: rnb, uk garage, hip hop, drum n bass, dance, guitar bands, singer/songwriters - whatever music you're making, this is a good chance of getting heard on Radio One.

How the 'OneMusic Unsigned List' works?

The Unsigned List will be added to the Radio 1 Playlist* for one week at various times during 2003. The first one will run from January 10th-17th 2003. The next one will follow a few months later.

The list will be made up of six tracks from six artists. Each track will get around 5-6 plays during mainstream daytime shows over the week.

Before each week starts we'll put together a shortlist of artists already on OneMusic who have had a good reaction from users. When shortlisting them we'll be looking at how well their tracks have been rated and what regular OneMusic users say about them on the Message Boards.

The shortlist for the first one will be put online on December 20th. Users will then be able to add more reviews which will feed into the decision making process.

A final shortlist will then go before the Radio 1 Music Team and Producers who meet every week to decide the main Radio 1 playlist. They'll pick the six using the same selection criteria as the normal playlist. This does mean that the most popular artists on the site might not make the playlist.

For more information and for details of how to submit your demo, click on to the radio1 website:

(* - just to get under the skin of Twelve652 :P)

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