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New electronic group Balligomingo releases their latest CD, Beneath the Surface. Listen to some tracks right here on InternetDJ.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jun 19, 2002

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For fans of Portishead and Massive Attack, Balligomingo will fit into your collection perfectly. This CD has been in our CD players at InternetDJ Studios since we got a hold of it. Truly haunting and addictive, the album provides a fresh look at combining electronic mixing and beautiful vocals.

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Our Favorite Track: Purify

Balligomingo designs a lush sonic soundscape through its blend of electronic, acoustic, orchestral, and world textures layered with hauntingly seductive female vocals. Each woman brings a unique emotion to every track.

MUSIC STYLE:Ambient? Electronic? Alternative? New Age? Pop? Goth? Just music.

TEAM: Balligomingo is Garrett Schwarz and features the ethereal vocals of guest female artists Camille Miller, Jody Quine, Jennifer Baldwin, Kristy Thirsk, Beverley Staunton, Colleen Coadic, and Jennifer Hershman. Balligomingo also features collaborations with acoustic guitarist/song writer Vic Levak, string arranger Graeme Coleman, drummer James Kaufmann, and the string performances of Mark Ferris and his Vancouver based string players.

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