Get Ready to go WILD with Wild Weekends

The next installment in the Wild series has finally arrived... Wild 17 - Wild Weekends... and is in stores now!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Sep 25, 2002

WILD Weekends is about to continue the Wild experience we all know and love! As always, you’ll be sure to get the best in trance, house and commercial dance... the sound that all of Wild’s followers simply love – 'the best dance hits.'

What more could you want? it just keeps getting better and better...

The latest Installment is jam packed with explosive clubbing anthems, mixes by DJ Sammy, Ian Van Dahl and Lasgo just to name a few of the wicked tracks featured. Featured on the two CDs are two megamixes that are set to blow you away...
mix-ups by KCB and SUPAFLY (Panos Liassi) - Two of Australias favourite DJ's!

Track Listing for Wild 17 - Wild Weekends Disk One (FRIDAY)

A01 KCB Megamix
A02 HEAVEN - DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do (S'n'Y Mix Radio Edit)
A03 REASON - Ian van Dahl (Album edit)
A04 SCREAM - Nalin Inc (Scream Radio Edit)
A05 ALONE - Lasgo (Radio Edit)
A06 DON'T PANIC - Logo feat. Dawn Joseph (Radio Edit)
A07 THE CROWD SONG - Rhythm Gangsta (Original Radio Cut)
A08 INTO THE NIGHT (TAKE ME AWAY) - 4 Strings (Original Vocal edit)
A09 CATCH - Kosheen (Radio Edit)
A10 BE COOL - Paffendorf (Radio Mix)
A11 LIKE A PRAYER - Mad'house (Radio Edit)
A12 RUNNIN' - Mark Picchiotti pres. Basstoy featuring Dana (Radio Mix)
A13 BECAUSE THE NIGHT - Jan Wayne (Radio Edit)
A14 JUMPIN' AROUND - DJ Boozy Woozy (Radio Mix)
A15 RAINBOW IN THE SKY - Starsplash (Radio Edit)
A16 TAKE YOU HIGH - 7 Elements (Radio Mix)
A17 EXPLORATIONS OF SPACE - Cosmic Gate (Radio Edit)
A18 TOGETHER - 4 Clubbers (Radio Edit)
A19 E - Drunkenmunky (SveN-R-G Mix Edit)
A20 LOUD & PROUD - Brooklyn Bounce (Single Version)
A21 INSOMNIA - Nightwatchers (Radio Edit)
A22 MOTHER (ARE YOU READY TO PLAY) - M-Factor (Altitude Remix Edit)

Track Listing for Wild 17 - Wild Weekends Disk Two (SATURDAY)

B02 THE LOVE I HAVE TO YOU - Dina Vass (Radio Mix)
B03 SMILE TO SHINE - Baz (Tin Tin Out Edit)
B04 GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS - Daniel Bedingfield (Radio Edit)
B05 POINT OF VIEW - DB Boulevard (Radio Edit)
B06 LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE (JAMBE MYTH) - Starchaser (Radio Edit)
B07 LOVE STORY - Layo & Bushwacka! (Tim Deluxe Remix Edit)
B08 NATURAL HIGH - J-Reverse feat. Lisa Millet (Deepswing's Funky Stomper Vocal Mix Edit)
B09 GET ME OFF - Basement Jaxx (Superchumbo (Supergetoff) Remix Edit)
B10 LOVE DA SUNSHINE - Intenso (Single Edit)
B11 I FEEL LOVE - Kluster (Radio Edit)
B12 FUNK-A-TRON (DROP THAT FUNK) - R. Rivera's Grooves (Vocal Mix Edit)
B13 FOLLOW DA LEADER 2002 - Chocolate Puma VS Soca boys
B14 SHIFTER - Timo Maas featuring MC Chickaboo (Radio Mix)
B15 IT'S LOVE (TRIPPIN) - Goldtrix Feat. Andrea Brown (Serious Radio Edit)
B16 RUNNING - DJ Marc Aurel (Radio Edit)
B17 MADAGASCAR 2002 - Art Of Trance (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit)
B18 NEBUCHAN - Frank T.R.A.X. (Radio Long Vocal)
B19 SEE THE SUN - Zippora (Radio Edit)
B20 GO - Trance Allstars (Talla 2xlc Short)
B21 I LOVE YOU - Flesh & Bones
B22 O (OVERDRIVE) - DJ Scot Project (Airplay Mix)
B23 F SOCIETY - Reeloop (Radio Cut)

Record label: Central Station

Music Category: Dance

In store on 26/08/02

For all the people in Australia, we are fortunate to have such an excellant variety of compliations, to suit all your music tastes... but Wild 17 - Wild Weekends just stands out of the pack... With its classy tracks and mix-ups, no wonder it is Australias favourite, BIGGEST selling dance compilation series...

So if you live in Australia... i highly recommend that you go out there and buy Wild Weekends, because it satisfys to the core.

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