The Secrets of Gerald The Genius' Studio Revealed

In this video series, watch as Gerald the Genius creates a track before your eyes.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Apr 30, 2012

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We here at InternetDJ are thrilled that Gerald the Genius has taken time out of his schedule to create some video tutorials on his creative process. Mr. Genius has been a member of InternetDJ since November, 2010 and consistently publishes exceptional chart-topping Electro House, Dubstep and Hip-Hop tracks.

In this two-part series, Mr. Genius walks us through some components of his latest track Jurassic Poodle.

In The D.A.W. With G The G - The Melody (Puter Tutor Vol 1)

In The D.A.W. With G The G - The Layout (Puter Tutor Vol 1)

Want more of GtheG? Check out his profiles on InternetDJ and Facebook.

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