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Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Apr 26, 2012

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Jiar Garmiani, a.k.a. GARMIANI, has been a DJ and producer his entire life. He has worked with labels like Sony and Universal, had #1 chart positions and won music awards, all of it under different artist aliases. (But) Fueled with newfound energy, he decided it was time to launch a new act and take his music in a different direction. This time using his real name - and doing it for real.

Combining emotional vocals and melodies with a high-energy electro house drop, 'In Front Of Your Eyes' [Peak Hour Music] (Zedd, Wolfgang Gartner, Lazy Rich etc) is his first offering. With tons of originals, remixes and bootlegs in the pipeline, we present GARMIANI, the latest addition to the Swedish EDM team.


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