Furtado and Oakenfold Together?

Nelly and Paul?! Could it be? They met on Moby's Area One Tour and the rest is...

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Aug 22, 2001

History? Sort of. According to the BBC, Nelly Furtado has admitted that she has collaborated on a few new tracks with DJ extraordinaire Paul Oakenfold. What were you thinking?

Ms. Furtado told the BBC, "He's putting different kinds of records out for the next couple of years and I'm probably going to show up on one of them...I used to make electronic tracks and drum and bass. Showing up on a DJ set and singing is not a rare thing for me."

Paul's getting around quite a lot these days! He's been touring the world, and just released his Ibiza album containing remixes of U2, Depeche Mode, Radiohead and Prodigy. I hear Nelly adds a unique dynamic to Paul's sets. Expect to hear some tracks with Nelly Furtado coming up on future P.O. releases.

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