Four Week Waiting List for the New Ipod Shuffle

Apple's new flash drive, with music-player-like functionality, has received rave reviews for some reason. If you already own an Ipod, and don't want to wait on a list, learn how to turn it into a shuffle right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jan 19, 2005

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Apple's traditionally high-priced Ipod is out of the budget for a huge market of music consumers. With the introduction of the IPod Shuffle at $99, it has opened the floodgates to a new set of ears. Although it lacks a screen, wheel controller and the capacity of its larger cousin, its flash based storage unit and size has won over existing Ipod owners as well as new users wanting to experiment with digital audio players.

According to Apple, within a week of launching the IPod Shuffle, customers now face a two to three week wait for the $99 Shuffle, holding 120 songs, and a three-to-four week wait for the $149 Shuffle holding about 240 songs.

Although Dell might have a better product, Apple just markets and makes theirs look better. Here's a test. How many clicks does it take you to get to the page marketing the Dell digital audio player from the homepage? As an added bonus, what's its name? Perception always wins over reality.

Apple Ipod sales account for about 35 percent ($1.21 billion) total revenue ($3.49 billion). Apple can't seem to sell computers (currently about 3% of market), but they sure can sell digital music players.

If you already own an Ipod, click here to learn how to convert it to an Ipod Shuffle.

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