First DJenerate Party of the Year

For our UK members, here is a party to take note of. DJenerate are back for this year's first party at the Fortress, London. More details right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue May 13, 2003

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DJenerate are back with our first party of 2003, and this one is going to be bigger than elvis on burgers! Joining us as our special guest, is the rather wonderful Matt Brown of Sancho Panza fame, whose capacity for consumption is only outweighed by his djing prowess.

We'll see you down at the fortress for a night of debauched decadence along with all the other djenerates, reprobates an ne'er-do-well's of london's clubland we're proud to call our friends.

the djs
room 1
luke pepper (djenerate)
matt brown(sancho panza)
darren roach(studio tek)
room 2
alexander peraira(d:rom)
phil & gordon(uyr)
richard innocent(anything)
jan de villers(amsterdam)

venue info
the fortress
vestry st
london n1
nearest tube: old st (5 mins walk)

phone: luke pepper 07967-148-166

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