First Annual InternetDJ Mix Competition

You've asked for it, now here it is! The first annual InternetDJ Mix competition is starting now. For full details on how this will work, read this article.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Sep 15, 2003

The Competition
InternetDJ is inviting everyone to create a track that best exemplifies the samples available in the Sample Library. The competition begins now and will last for one month until October 15th 2003.

Download at least 10 samples from the Sample Library and create an original song or remix of an existing original song in the Music Library (NOT a remix of a copyrighted track!) based on the samples you have chosen. Make sure you ask for permission from the original composer if you're remixing an existing song. Make a note of which samples you have selected, you'll need the names in order to qualify for the Voting Process.

The Rules
In order to enter your track, you must be a member of internetdj and create a Music Library account. After you have registered and have logged in go to your Artist Management Tool and Upload your Track. Enter the 10 (or more) samples you have used in your track in the description box.

Next, send a PM to "internetdj" with "Remix Competition Submission" as the subject and the name of your track you have uploaded in the message body.

Voting Process
On October 15th, we will then listen to all submissions to make sure they qualify. We will then create a voting booth page for all members to listen and vote for the song they think is best. You can vote for anyone including yourself once per day.

The following week, we will then announce the winner.

The Winner
The top winner will recieve an InternetDJ T-Shirt and a bunch of various CDs from our swag collection. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive an InternetDJ T-Shirt.

That's it! Thanks for your interest and participation. We hope this will be a fun experience and look forward to improving on the competition next year based on the results of this first run.

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