Filo and Peri Expand Their Arsenal in 2006

InternetDJ members Filo and Peri have signed singles to Vandit and Subliminal. Full details here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Mar 15, 2006

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NYC-based DJ/Producer duo "Filo & Peri" have seen much success over the years. Their track "Closer Now" (link to buy) was a top-selling Trance single in 2005 and can be found on Paul Van Dyk's latest Mix album "The Politics of Dancing 2". In 2004, Filo and Peri had signed their single "Elevation" to Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance record label.

This year Filo and Peri have already infiltrated two of the world's biggest Trance/House labels. Paul Van Dyk's Vandit label signed "Ordinary Moment" and Erick Morillo's Subliminal Recordings label signed "Long Train Running". The guys also have tracks releasing on Primal and Baroque.

Filo and Peri can also be seen behind the decks during Winter Music Conference week in Miami on Thursday, March 23 at Lost Language Party at Empire (681 Washington Ave & 8th, Miami Beach). They are also playing the Wet Grooves Party and Nikki Beach. Consult the Miami Guide for more details.

Forthcoming Releases
Artist: Filo & Peri
Filo & Peri feat. Fisher - Ordinary Moment [Vandit]
Filo & Peri - Long Train Runnin' [Subliminal]
Filo & Peri - Long Train Runnin' (Pimp Anthem Dub) [Subliminal]
Filo & Peri - In Your Face [Primal]
Filo & Peri vs Serge Devant - Electric Funk [Baroque]
Serge Devant vs. Filo & Peri- Triple Crown [Baroque]

Filo & Peri Video:
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