FCC Votes to Punish Comcast for Throttling P2P Traffic

All traffic are created equal.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Jul 27, 2008

The FCC will vote to punish Comcast for throttling peer-to-peer (p2p) data-transfer traffic traversing across it's network. Three of the five FCC commissioners, Democrats Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein and Republican chairman Kevin Martin have voted for sanctions against the cable operator which will force an official vote next Friday.

Chairman Martin said in a statement, "I continue to believe that is imperative that all consumers have unfettered access to the Internet. I am pleased that a majority has agreed that the Commission both has the authority to and in fact will stop broadband service providers when they block or interfere with subscribers' access."

The FCC charges that Comcast, by limiting P2P traffic, has violated 2005 policy: failing to provide consumers open access to the Internet. Comcast denies the allegation and other ISPs maintain that they should be able to best decide how to maage and route traffic across the networks.

Although no laws have been set, the vote on Friday will be a strong indication whether network-neutrality principles will stay for good-- at least in the US.

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