Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, Others Nixed in NY

The New York trip of the Creamfields dance festival is yet another victim of, yep you guessed it, poor marketing and planning!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 9, 2001

Right after announcing the Vegas cancellation, the producers of Creamfields have now killed it's Long Island, NY, edition of the biggest UK dance festival around. The reason given by Cream and Clear Channel? Poor ticket sales. Apparently the Vegas cancellation was due to a problem with the venue.

DJs and artists slated to perform include Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, Stereo MCs, Orbital, and many more. A Cream spokesperson stated, "Both Cream and Clear Channel are hugely disappointed that the event is not going to take place this year. All the artists and DJs involved were looking forward to participating in such a significant event for dance and electronic music. We would like to apologize to anyone who has already purchased tickets and to anybody who was planning on doing so. "

First the Mekka Tour postponement in Detriot... now Creamfields in my own backyard! What's going on? I live in NYC and I've not even heard, nor seen any posters or radio spots about the Creamfields tour. I heard that some colleges offer courses in something called "Marketing".

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