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Posted by MShemel on Tue Sep 2, 2008

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On Friday, legendary DJ Tiesto brought his own sunrise to the Borgata Events center in front of a crowd of over 2,000. The show, rescheduled as part of his summer tour, was sponsored by Armani Exchange to promote his new Album, "In Search of Sunrise."

The concert demonstrated Tiesto's ability to switch seamlessly between different genres of electronic music, melding varying tempos and sounds into a flowing mix. While Tiesto requested that no one bring glow sticks to his parties, there were still plenty in the crowd, which was an interesting mix of people that could only be expected in Atlantic City.

Instead of mixing from the previous DJ, he started the show with silence, which drove the crowd to cheer. While the energy was strong throughout the entire concert, the first half of the concert was clearly a sway from his usual style, with many more beatless instrumental breaks and mellow harmonic melodies fused with solid beats. The second half of the concert took on a faster more progressive form. He also did not shy away from vocals, as nearly half of the tracks were vocal or partially vocal. One might characterize the direction of the concert as going from melodic, emotive, and slow to progressive, energetic, fast, and uplifting. Clearly, with this new approach, Tiesto is trying to make a statement with respect to his feeling on the direction of electronic music. This concert was almost a merger of house and trance into a unified style.

While "In Search of Sunrise 7" claims to be influenced by Asia, an Asian theme was not very prevalent in any of the tracks from the concert. Perhaps, it was simply just recorded while he was in Asia.

This new album takes on an approach that seems to invite more people to listen to house/trance music. If one listens to installment 6 of the series, there would be a sharp contrast in styles. Both the album and the concert seem geared towards inviting a larger audience to this genre.

Video Coverage
"Tiesto @ The Borgata (1/4)"
"Tiesto @ The Borgata (2/4)"
"Tiesto @ The Borgata (3/4)"
"Tiesto @ The Borgata (4/4)"

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