Eminem Single Tops UK Charts and the King

Eminem latest single 'Like Toy Soldiers' captures the top spot in this week's UK charts beating out an Elvis Presley re-release.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Feb 6, 2005

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Hip-Hop allstar Eminem has defeated the King's re-release "Are You Lonesome Tonight". According to the Official UK Charts Company, "Like Toy Soldiers" has taken the Number One spot, while Elvis' track enters at Number Two.

Elvis's record label, RCA, is re-releasing eighteen past top singles twenty-eight years after his death. The re-release of the Elvis tracks is a means for the label to cash-in one last time before the fifty-year copyright protection ends in most European countries.

"Like Toy Soldiers" is the fourth track on Eminem's latest album "Encore" which was released in November 2004 on Interscope/Aftermath.

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