Elvis Hits Number One Again in Britain

Although he's been gone for many years, it seems his music still holds the public's affection. The king took the No. 1 position on Britain's singles chart. More information here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jan 17, 2005

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Britain's weekly hit parade, which began in 1952 celebrated its 1000th week this past Sunday. Originally released in 1959, Elvis Presley's "One Night" was recently re-released and this week took the Number One position on the chart's 1000-week anniversary.

Celebrating what would have been Elvis Presley's 70th birthday year, Sony/BMG recently embarked on a massive campaign promoting the re-release of 18 UK #1 Singles. This latest No. 1 position places Elvis with twenty total top singles, still beating the Beatles seventeen.

Another Elvis re-released single, "Jailhouse Rock", also made this chart at No. 10.

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