Elon Musk unveils his new Tesla Master Plan

The most ambitious man in technology has realized his initial 10 year vision. We take a close look at what his vision entails

Posted by Nelo on Wed Jul 20, 2016


The original Master Plan for Tesla was a bit of a reach, launching a new car company isn't exactly easy but Musk pulled it off and in the process turned the industry on it's head. Heads certainly turn when a Tesla drives by, many look on with a hint of jealousy, others with a nod of approval. We live in an era where electric cars not only perform superbly but have a bit of glamour. That's all down to Musk. With the affordable Model 3 on the horizon this technology will soon be with in reach for most car buyers if the supply can ever match the demand. This of course wasn't enough for Musk so he took a dive into the rapidly expanding Solar market, again, with great success.

So what can we expect next? Well here's the targets he has outline in the Master Plan, Part Deux:

1. Integrate Energy Generation and Storage

This has been coming for a while, the integration of SolarCity and Tesla. The marriage of quality solar cells and the battery power of Tesla is a game changer. Solar is great and all but so much of that energy is wasted, Powerwall offers a storage solution that will give homeowners a reliable option to get off the grid once and for all. What I would be interested to see is how that battery technology can scale up to industrial levels. These days the world is covered with wind farms. As cool as they are there is a major downside. All that energy generated in the middle of the night is wasted as the demands of the grid bottoms out. If Power Wall technology can be harnessed on a massive scale to store this energy for reuse at peak times it will dramatically change how the world approaches energy and seriously negate the need for fossil fuels.

2. Expand to Cover the Major Forms of Terrestrial Transport

Makes a great deal of sense, apply the Tesla technology beyond the personal vehicle market and on towards commercial vehicles. I would hazard to say that military's would be just as enthusiastic as bus operators. 

3. Autonomy

If you don't believe in a self driving future then you probably would have been skeptical about moving pictures taking off back in the day. Fully self driving cars are no longer a pipe dream they are a reality and they will change the world. Sure you might enjoy driving and I envision a future where driving yourself will be a popular pastime with specially designated road and tracks all over the place. For the rest of us the reality will be quite different. The coordination of self driving cars will transform highway efficiency and safety. Imagine commuting to work at more than twice the current speed limit with autonomous vehicles it's very plausible. No need to circle parking lots looking for the perfect space the vehicle will drop you at the door and be there to pick you up. What it does the rest of the time will be covered in the 4th point. You may be skeptical about putting your lives into the hands of a computer that can make billions of computations a second, see in 360 degrees, communicate in real time with every other vehicle on the road, see in the dark and track distance by radar and laser rather than gut feeling. Progress is never easy, it requires bottle.

4. Sharing

This is where Tesla becomes a self driving Uber, when you are not using your car off it goes to be used by others where it helps pay for itself. While this may not sound like a great business model for a company that wants to sell cars it does make a lot of sense. Really what I look forward to is the whole luxury of it. Some day I'll need to make an eight hour overnight drive wouldn't it be nice is a hotel suite on wheels pulled up outside my door, with plush pillows and warm blankets for me to doze off in as the room delivers me to my destination. Not too much to ask is it Elon?

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