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Maxi single sidewinder w/Wishing.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Mar 2, 2013

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Artist Galilee is a published American writer, musician, songwriter and producer. He began dabbling in electronic music nearly by accident back in 1997 due to an injury that led to knee surgery, which kept him from being mobile or able to perform in a number of local rock bands for several months. However, the excitement of the project caught on and in 1998 college radio in Western Michigan began playing tracks from "Abductions & Mud" a concept album and parody of alien abductions, horror movies and techno based experiments that catapulted it to the top of the local music heap. By 1999, it had been played so many times at WIDR 89.1 fm that it was officially retired and recorded as being the most played local artist in the history of the station, even charting in CMJ.

2002 saw the return to electronic music and experimentation, occasionally releasing singles under various names. With a renewed passion for EDM and a public awakening to the darker sounds of current dance music, 2013 seemed to be the perfect time to showcase Galilee's moody yet melodic style to a larger audience. Now partnered with VOD Recordings, Galilee's debut single "Sidewinder/Wishing" is part of an e.p. titled "Robot Arms" featuring tracks dating back to 2002 and 2013

For more information, visit: http://digdugdisaster.com/Galilee/

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