Drum'n' Bass King Releases Aural Dynamite with OVERDRIVE

Even if you're not a hardcore DnB fan, this album will certainly get your blood boiling. Gavin King returns as Aphrodite in this non-stop energy mix album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jul 29, 2005

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One of the DJ pioneers in the jump-up jungle scene, Aphrodite has toured the world many times over dropping massive energy on the dance floors. Hot and sweaty is a staple of his nights, just take a look at the photo galleries on his site; the clubs turn into furnaces.

Overdrive takes listeners on an adrenaline rush starting off strong with Top Buzz's Living In Darkness and further down the track list you'll notice the exclusive collaboration with UK soul star Beverley Knight on "Sometimes'. Although strictly a Dnb genre album, the mix incorporates a variety of tempos and even some hip-hop and bhangra influences can be heard.

"Overdrive: A DJ Mix Album by Aphrodite"
Format: CD
Label: Feed Records
Released: August 23, 2005 (US)
1. Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (Phantasy & Shodan 2004 Remix)
2. Accidental Heroes – Precinct 13
3. Aphrodite – Stalker (Benny Page Remix)
4. Rascal & Klone – Europa
5. Stevie Hyper – Can’t Stop (Aphrodite Remix)
6. The Force – Invasion
7. Special K – Growler
8. Aphrodite – Move ‘n’ Rhythm
9. Distorted Minds – We Can’t Stop
10. Distorted Minds – Ruff Neck Style
11. S.M.O.K.E. – Cyclops
12. Aphrodite & Beverley Knight – Sometimes (Original Vocal Mix)
13. Aphrodite – Beefcake
14. Benny Page – Neck Breaker
15. Aphrodite – Boomtime
16. Dope Ammo (Drunken Masters) – Roots & Culture
17. Afrika Bambaataa – Soul Makossa (Aphrodite Remix)
18. Sketch & Code Featuring Kim Nile – Evolution
19. Aphrodite – London Massive (Raw Dub Mix)
20. Aphrodite & Mickey Finn – Bad Ass (Special K & Mickey Finn Remix)

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