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InternetDJ is proud to announce that it has officially launched its sister-site Full details here, plus internetdj integration.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Nov 9, 2003

DJLog has been inspired by a site dedicated to community and the independent musician. DJLog was created to allow DJs, producers and fans of the DJ lifestyle the ability to publish their own daily weblog, journal and discussion site.

As most of you familiar with InternetDJ will know, we intend to build out a lush offering of tools and templates to use with your free DJLog account. Some of these enhancements include:
  • Plugin Polls
  • Plugin Photo Galleries
  • Plugin Event Calendar
  • DJLog Categorization
  • Multi-language support
  • Picture Uploading
We will continue to post potential and released upgrades on the home page.

Visit now!

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