DJ Wins Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ray Mardo, a professional Disc Jockey and former freestyle wrestling champion has recently scored a major victory over the UFC, an international no holds barred fighting organization that has served as the launching pad for professional wrestlers Ken Shamrock, Dan 'The Beast' Severn, and Tank Abbot into the WWF & WCW. The UFC attempted to wrestle the domain name '' away from Mardo but appears to have been choked out by Mardo, the savvy DJ.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jul 19, 2001

"I registered after interviewing Vince Mcmahonn's daughter Stephanie and speaking with former WWF champion and 1996 Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle," says Mardo. "Like myself, Kurt wrestled in amateur tournaments. I decided to put together tournaments for professional wrestlers and have all of the winners face each other in a tournament called the ultimate fighting championship. Ultimate fighting is a generic term that means; no holds barred. It's basically hardcore professional wrestling."

At this time Mardo also registered the domain names and, since both of the WWF's competitors, ECW & WCW, were on the verge of bankruptcy and were looking to sell their organizations. Ray saw it as a way of giving former wrestlers from these organizations the opportunity to compete in his ultimate fighting championship tournament.

"The UFC was struggling financially and was sold by Rob Meyrowitz to Zuffa, LLC. Rob had no interest in the domain name so I bought it well before Zuffa purchased the UFC and had it for nearly two years before they filed an internet domain name dispute against my company," adds Mardo. "Today's wrestling scene is radically different then it was 2 years ago. The WWF employs the now defunct ECW’s former owner, Paul Heyman and they bought WCW from Ted Turner. These two events changed my plans for the wrestling tournaments and I was considering transferring the name to Zuffa, but when they tried to intimidate me, I decided to apply a submission hold and make them tap out."

With his big victory over the UFC, Mardo says he will continue his wrestling activities with his guest announcing spots and is at work on a book or two. "After meeting with the Rock and seeing how well his autobiography has done I’ve been in negotiations Jerry "The King" Lawler. We'll see what happens. Wrestling is an enjoyable part of my life, but it is a small part . I've been a DJ for 11 years now, am scheduled to set a DJ world record for Guiness, and have another album coming out soon. There's some wrestling influence in there. A few details have to be worked out with Warner Brothers, but I've been talking frequently with Dave Sanchez at Madonna’s old boyfriend’s label, Jellybean Records. The record will be out soon."

You can view the results of Zuffa, LLC vs. LGRE Ray Mardo by sending an email to with "dispute results" in the subject field.

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