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Get the details on Tall Paul's new album 'Mixed Live - 2nd Session - Club Space Miami'. Also grab MP3s from the album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jan 22, 2003

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Witness history in the making as Tall Paul becomes the first DJ in the world to release a live DJ mix in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. This Double Disc set includes a regular stereo CD and a FREE bonus Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound DVD.

It's as if you are actually at the club, on the dance floor, with everyone around you. People say it's like having the music wrapped around you. We think it's the future of electronic music.

The sonic vibe of Miami's ClubSpace was digitally captured in the waning hours of October 11, 2002. "Mixed Live, 2nd Session" captures the crowd-pleasing frenzy, the booming basslines, and the peak-hour musical mantra and brings it to you on CD and DVD in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound! This is the closest you can get without being there!

Track Listing
  • the boat (cloak & dagger) (MP3)
  • dreaming (danster remix) (y.b.f.)
  • down & dirty (richard f.)
  • pearl (midtone)
  • pressure (hatrixx) (MP3)
  • overdrive (junkie xl remix) (dj sandy vs. housetrap)
  • shiny disco balls (oliver klein dirty disco plums mix) (who da funk feat. jessica eve) (MP3)
  • revolution (twister)
  • why? (p.i.m.p.)
  • sunshine (tomaz vs. filterheadz) (MP3)
  • if you want me (warrior)
  • i'd say yes (lee-cabrera mix) (pornorama feat. louise carver)
  • magic impulse (exposure)
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