DJ Shadow: Where's our Favorite DJ Savior?

It's been hell waiting for his next album release, and it keeps getting further away. Hey Shadow, we need you back.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 23, 2001

Endtroducing, released November 1996. Preemptive Strike, released January 1998. DJ Shadow, aka Josh Davis, has actually been working on his next album, but not as fast as the public would desire. has been "under construction" since I can remember, and fans are clueless as to when the next release will be.

In Early August, MCAHiphop set the tentative date of Shadow's next album to be released in September, but that was quickly retracted. On August 19th, Mike Roeder from stated: "Since it seems to have been sort of announced, The new DJ Shadow solo album will be released February 2002. I know that this is pretty disappointing for some since we'd been hearing that September or October was the release date. He [DJ Shadow] said that even though there were dates given early that they were shooting for, the album is not late. In February, Josh [DJ Shadow] will have been working on this album one year."

It's not like Shadow hasn't been working, actually quite busy producing tracks for his label Quannum Projects. Quannum Projects was formed after the close of SoleSide and consists of the major players of the label: Lyrics Born, Lateef the Truth Speaker (of Latryx), Chief Xcel, Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), and DJ Shadow.

Keep your browsers tuned to InternetDJ, we'll be covering all press Shadow announces, and will make sure you know exactly what's going on with the album release.

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