DJ Rap Releases Drum 'n' Bass Album BULLETPROOF

Thanks to everyone who joined our week long listening party of DJ Rap's BULLETPROOF on InternetDJRadio. The #1 Female DJ in the world was streamed continuously.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun May 22, 2005

Music News
Widely regarded as the number one female DJ in the world, DJ Rap has released her new artist album "Bulletproof" from System Recordings. This is six years after her first album "Learning Curve" was released which sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. "Bulletproof" is an album full of DnB anthems that is not to be missed.

Online Listening Party
When: Continuous stream until Friday June 3rd, 2005
Where: InternetDJRadio
What: InternetDJ will broadcast DJ Rap's "Bulletproof" album in its entirety on InternetDJRadio for a whole week!

Free Record Release Event
When: Tuesday May 31, 2005 10pm - 4am
Where: Cielo (18 Little West 12th Street, NYC)
What: Celebrating the Bulletproof record release with DJ Rap, Know:el and DJ Baggs.

DJ Rap Interview
Listen: {MP3} (credit: Aurelia)

DJ Rap - Bulletproof
Released: Released May 17, 2005
Label: System Recordings
Our Rating: (4.5/5.0)
1. Bulletproof - DJ rap
2. Collision - DJ Rap
3. Insomniac - DJ Rap
4. Messiah - Konflict
5. Angel Dust - DJ Rap
6. Back to the Planet - DJ Rap
7. Morning Light - Concord Dawn
8. Dancin’ (DJ Rap remix) - Erick Morillo
9. Indigo (DJ Rap remix) - Ferry Corsten
10. Beautiful Universe - DJ Rap

MAY 28 :: Denver, CO
MAY 29 :: St Louis, MO
MAY 31 :: Cielo, New York City
JUNE 2 :: Cincinnati, OH
JUNE 3 :: Atlanta, GA
JUNE 4 :: Cleveland, OH
JUNE 11 :: Seven, Dallas
JUNE 18 :: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
JUNE 24 :: Cubik, DC
JUNE 25 :: Detroit, MI

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