DJ Prone Announces Album Release

After 2 years of hard labour DJ Prone is finally ready to bring out his new album, 'Bar Amsterdam'. Details and exclusive MP3s right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jul 30, 2002

The 13 tracks on the album are completely exclusive and have only ever been heard right here on internet DJ. And it will stay that way until the final release date!

This will be the third Album of Nathan Boon, under the name DJ Prone, and probaly will be his most successful. With a more professional feel, this one should be a stormer!

A mixture of Trance, Progressive Trance, Funky House and NRG has been worked into this album.

DJ Prone "Bar Amsterdam has new styles of Dance music that i have never experimented with before because I was too afraid, but now ive tried it, I am happy with the outcome, truely my greatest work so far!"

The album was started in 2000, but the release was rescedualed becuase Prone wasn't happy with it and felt more work could be done, by this time he had started working on another album, 'Contours' which proved the rescedualing was a good choice!

It was orginally going to be called 'My Journey....So Far' but after going to Ibiza this summer, Prone decided 'Bar Amsterdam' was more appropriate.

The Release Date for the Album will be 2nd September 2002. And the price will be announced closer to that day!

Check out the exclusive tracks from the Album at DJ Prones' Music Profile!

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