DJ Patricia Starr: The Interview

If you haven't heard her spin at China Club or seen this VIP island hopping from gig to gig in Greece, take a look at her Q&A here because DJ Patricia Starr is rising to the top of the New York City club circuit.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jun 12, 2003

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What's in your CD player right now?
A tribal CD "Sound Inovation" by DJ Tony Draper.

What do you personally get out djing?
A lot, it's the best feeling in the world. I get pleasure, satisfaction and a rush... much more.

How often do you get back to Europe?
Maybe once a year.

Where do you go to listen to good Dj's here in nyc? in the US? In Europe?
In NYC I listen to Junior Vasquez probably the best DJ there is in my opinion. In the US, DJ Skribble and in Europe I don't know.

Where are you spinning over the next couple of months?
My residency is at China Club every first Saturday of the month.

MP3 or Vinyl?
Don't get me started with this question. What do you think? VINYL! Downloading illegal MP3s is stealing from signed artists so to answer your question: No MP3's ever. And those who choose to use MP3s shouldn't be proud of themselves. I know this is a harsh statement but it's the truth.

When you're not djing or working out a set what do you do, or listen to, to relax?
I watch court TV.

Mac or PC?

Technics or Vestax?
I have Technics at my studio and I believe those are great turntables and they last many years. But Vestax is more accurate and has a bigger pitch range, and it plays in reverse. I will never trade my Technics, but to answer your question: VESTAX

Describe the worst or most embarrassing gig you were involved in?
I don't know if I should... Ok... the worst: Not getting paid in South Park, NJ.

US or Europe?
US and Europe. Two different worlds.

Favorite club/city to spin:
China Club, NYC

Favorite club/city to spin in the US:
Same answer: China Club, NYC!

What major DJ has influenced you most?
Junior Vasquez

What was your first gig in NYC?
Cheetah was the first club I DJd at.

What would be one (or two) pieces of advice for any young DJ that wants to start spinning in the clubs here in nyc?
Be prepared, play for the crowd, and don't worry about the player haters.

What do you take on the road with you?
My records, clothes and my make up.

What's your secret to mixing and making it sound good?
There is no secret, I follow the beat and blend it.

Has formal music training played a part in your success?
Yes, understanding of musical structure. This I would recommend to anyone.

Name a concept or practice that's particularly difficult for you to get your head around.

What's a talent you admire in other artists?
Being able to sing. But I can't say I envy it. It's more like if I could have a talent it would be singing.

Any NYC DJ on the rise that we should keep our eye out for?
Yes! Definitely DJ Patricia Starr.

Upcoming Appearances
June 15th - Guernica, NYC
July 5th - China Club, NYC

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