DJ Jackie Christie Launches New Album

The undeniable reigning turntable Queen of House in New York City, DJ Jackie Christie, releases 'Hot and Tasty Beats' on Nervous Records. Take a listen and win a copy right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed May 28, 2003

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The infectious grooves of her latest release include a compilation of club anthems, mixed with the energy and expertise that people have regularly come to expect from this dance floor diva.

The former host of MTV's "The Grind" radiantly fuses her talent, with her killer looks, to present the perfect package. Jackie serves up entrees of hard dance music and finger-licking desserts made from thumping base lines and high treble, establishing her as the DJ to watch.

Of course having a CD in stores is the truest sign that a DJ has made it and Jackie certainly qualifies. But, for those "in the know," understand that the success of any mix is the track selection and the artistís ability to effortlessly mix them into an amazing arrangement, each track seamlessly blending into each other, much like a work of art.

Known for her ability to whip up a crowd with her tailor-made sets, DJ Jackie Christie has made her mark as one of the most popular artists in the market and 'Hot and Tasty Beats' reflects a mere sampling of her world.

Jackie Christie & Sasha
Listen: Hot & Tasty Beats (Real Audio Sample)

Featured Tracks include:
"Talk to Me" K-Klass
"Honey" by Billie Ray Martin
"Medicine" by DJ Mike Cruz feat. Sandy B. and Chyna Ro
"At The End" by iio

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