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Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Oct 21, 2003

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Some ravers think he's God. Some promoters think he's possessed. Either way, when he gets behind the turntables, one thing's for sure: for the next three hours the crowd will go absolutely mental. For the last five years, Iznogood's dynamic and uncompromising in-your-face style has won him accolades from dancefloors and DJs alike. This weekend it's his birthday, so the Mirror caught up with the underground veteran DJ and asked him the question that's been on everybody's mind: do jellyfish like hardcore techno?

Mirror: So, Iz, any birthday wishes?

Iznogood: Well, my dream is to be hooked up to a machine that lets me play music 24 hours a day. Leave me in an abandoned house, plug me in, come by every week and pick up a new CD that'll blow your mind.

M: Beats getting a Rotato. Tell me about your birthday party this Saturday.

I: Itís called Sci-Fi and our special guest is Dutch hardcore pioneer Da Predator. Since it's my birthday I'll have my own special set-up with two extra turntables and a sampler. Throughout the night, when it goes evil, I'll be adding the happy touch and when it goes happy I'll be adding the evil touch. Oh, and there's also going to be an aquarium with fish close to the dancefloor.

M: Fish, eh? How do you think they'll respond to the hardcore techno?

I: The bass vibrations will make them sway back and forth. I think they'll like it.

M: Okay, so fish respond well to hardcore. How about amphibious mammals like dugongs and manatees of the Sirenia order?

I: I think that anything that's got ears will be affected because any sound you come up with has already pre-existed in nature, whether it's in the form of a tree falling or whatever. Of course, it also depends on the animal's brain capacity.

M: Okay, so how does hardcore techno affect a jellyfish that has neither ears nor a brain?

I: Hmmm, that'll be a tough one. If I get my abandoned house with my 24-hour music machine, we'll get some jellyfish and some probes and check it out.

(Replublished with permission by Montreal-Mirror. Interview conducted by Raf Katigbak)

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