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Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Dec 15, 2001

18 tracks of hardcore beats, deep bass lines to shake your insides, and a lineup that only Goldie could deliver. The truest DnB you can find.

The album is called, I'm sure on behalf of his label Trust the DJ. I wonder if it actually helped him sell records. I hope it did for his sake, kinda sucks to name your album after a website. Hey! My new album is coming out. It's by The Internet DJ, and the album is called Whatever, the tracks are great... here's the good stuff.

1. Future Cut Obsession
2. Q Project Champion Sound [Total Science Remix]
3. Cause 4 Concern Strange Nature
4. Digital Water House Dub [Digital Mix]
5. Marcus Intalex Lose Control
6. Doc Scott Drumz 95
7. Fade 2 Black Souljah [aka Dillinja]
8. Spirit Phoenix Phantom
9. Rufige Kru Kemistry VIP [Grooverider VIP Mix]
10. Fresh N Vegas Otto's Way [(2/5ths of Bad Company)]
11. Future Cut Ghetto Style [Original Mix]
12. Marcus Intalex Universe
13. Mechanizm Mystic Amen
14. DJ Die To Step
15. Uncut Midnight [Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix]
16. Digital Hard Ears
17. Twisted Anger Twisted
18. Rufige Kru Beachdrifta

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