DJ Daniel Wanrooy:: In Trance We Trust 14

The Trance We Trust series continues with the release of volume 14, mixed by top producer Daniel Wanrooy.

Posted Press Release on Wed Nov 4, 2009

Daniel Wanrooy, is an established artist in the industry, and made his initial fame with the two-man formation Progression. Many classic anthems followed for the duo, and since he decided to move on with his career as a solo artist, his star has continued to rise! His assignment to compile and mix “In Trance We Trust 14” is the ultimate confirmation of Daniel Wanrooy’s versatility, both as an artist/producer, and as a highly professional DJ.

“For In Trance We Trust 14”, Daniel chose an exciting list of tracks from some of the most in demand artists and acts within the world of Trance. Productions from Richard Durand, Daniel Heathcliff, Topher Jones, Ben Preston, Dave Schiemann, and many others set the standard for this exciting volume; not to mention of course the transitions between Daniel Wanrooy’s own cutting edge productions and collaborations.

“In Trance We Trust 14”, mixed by Daniel Wanrooy is a superb Trance compilation, and is most certainly a title for every self respecting Trance aficionado.

Track list:

01. Daniel Wanrooy ft. Melissa Mathes - What You Want
02. JPL - Summer Skin
03. Ben Preston - Why We Run ft. Susie
04. Space RockerZ - Zegema Beach
05. Smart Apes - Between Us (Aurosonic Remix)
06. Leon Bolier - Stargaze
07. Topher Jones - Barclay And Max
08. Mac & Mac - Solid Session (First State Remix)
09. Daniel Heatcliff - Phoenix
10. Richard Durand - No Way Home (Extended)
11. Reconceal - Second Chance (Amex Remix) 12. Daniel Wanrooy & René Havelaar - Bittersweet
13. Whelan & Di Scala - Cuba
14. Daniel Wanrooy - Showtime
15. Dave Schiemann - Thoughts

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