DJ $crilla Announces Release of New Album #ALLin :: Available Now

Potent Beats and Kinetic Lyricism Make #ALLin a Hip-Hop Dynamo

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Apr 4, 2015

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Written, produced and recorded by DJ $crilla, #ALLin is the product of true musical genius. The album, available now, can be purchased at all major online retailers—iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify—and

Two years in the making, #ALLin features ten songs dealing with emotionally-powerful concepts based in love, lust, pain and heartache. DJ $crilla balances the spectrum with a healthy mix of straight-up good times that make #ALLin an all-encompassing hip-hop ride through REAL life.

"While taking the time to connect with my musical roots and the reasons that led to my original passion for the industry, I discovered flavorless songs dominating the hip-hop charts," said Cleveland native, Christopher Harris (A.K.A. DJ $crilla). "After a hiatus from the music industry, this finding was the impetus for my determination to create was my inspiration to fill a dire need for meaningful music."

Listeners will undoubtedly be #ALLin with the new album's energetic, skilled, precision cuts. More information about #ALLin and DJ $crilla is available at

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