DJ Collapses After 79-Hour Set

Here's an interesting story from Malaysia. Apparently this DJ tried to beat the world record for spinning a single non-stop set for 80 hours. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital an hour before his goal. Read about it right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jan 13, 2004

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Malaysian attempting to break the world record for non-stop deejaying was rushed to hospital in Kuala Lumpur late yesterday after collapsing just one hour shy of his 80-hour target.

Mr Maverick Teh, 35, had been spinning discs non-stop since 10am Friday when he collapsed at The Rooftop nightclub in Sungei Wang Plaza just after 5pm yesterday.

He had passed the official Guinness World Record of 74 hours, set by American Martin Boss, earlier in the day, but was pressing ahead in a bid to pass the unofficial record of 80 hours set by another American DJ, Buddy Love, in June.

He fainted after spinning discs for 79 hours and 5 minutes.

Under the rules laid down by Guinness World Records, he had been allowed only a 15 minute bathroom break every eight hours and a space of no more than 10 seconds between tracks.

At the hospital, he was put on a drip suffering from suspected dehydration, reported the BBC.

During his more than three days of standing up - spinning a mix of vinyl records and digital techno, house and chill-out tracks - Mr Teh had survived mainly on coffee and honey.

His consolation is that a videotape of his marathon effort will be sent to the publishers of the Guinness Book fo World Records and, if verified, he will be named the new official record-holder.

Mr Teh's world record attempt was organised by events management company Futurejazz, of which he is a partner, and supported by the Malaysian Book of Records.

'I have been sitting on this idea for a long, long time,' he told The Star last week.

He said broken the 74-hour mark during a trial attempt in August, but had been waiting for the guidelines from the Guinness World Record organisation before staging his official attempt.

Before fainting yesterday, Mr Teh had told the BBC that he was feeling extremely tired, but was still planning to listen to techno once he finished the marathon gig and went home to bed.

Mr Teh was a founding member of pioneering Malaysian hip hop-group the Funkadelics in the '80s.

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