DJ Carl Cox Steaming Mad at Gatecrashers Festival

You won't believe this. Carl Cox was pulled from the festival at the last moment. Read all about it right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jun 26, 2002

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Carl Cox was set to go with his Global Arena tent at this year's Gatecrashers festival in the UK. The festival took place on Saturday June 22, 2002. In fact, he was so displeased with the sound quality from the previous year's event, the organizers granted him a tent of his own designs.

Mr. Cox stated about last year's event:

"The sound system was really low, and the stage was really tiny, and every time you moved the decks jumped."

"I came off and I just felt it wasn't worth me being there, and this is why I think they've said OK, next time you come back we'll give you what you want, head to Global Arena."

But check this out... Carl spent about 5 months preparing his tent for this year's festival to his liking, including developing a special sound and lighting system specifically for Gatecrashers. Two hours before the event, the organizers pulled his tent and cancelled a baffled Carl Cox.

They told fans that it was due to tent leakage. However, Mr. Cox paints another picture. Here is part of Carl's public statement:

"I spent the whole year talking this up to the press, and everyone I knew. I also managed to get a great bill from all around the world, including Umek, Valentino, Misstress Barbara and Green Velvet. It was a real step forward for not just me, but the whole clubbing / festival crossover.

Cracks first started to appear this week when the organisers announced that we would have to share our tent with Groove Armada and the Chemicals, because apparently two of the tents were damaged at Purple in the Park and they could not find replacements. We said OK, and went away to think about the right times that they should play so as to keep the flow right in the tent.

After meetings all week we finally thought we'd sorted it Friday. I awoke Saturday expecting my dream - the Carl Cox Global Arena - to come true after 6 months planning. I then got a call at midday callously saying 'with a gun to their heads' a decision had been made to keep the Chemical Generation Arena and diminish the Global Arena. The organisers were telling disgruntled clubbers who had travelled from afar especially to hear me that the arena was cancelled as the tent had a leak. These same clubbers have been demanding a full refund.

I was overcome with absolute disbelief and disgust. Their only alternative they offered me was to play after the Chemicals but without our bill of carefully selected DJs from around the world. Their sheer unprofessionalism is disgusting. I could not agree to play and leave all of my arena DJs I had booked to stand and watch. This would have been unfair on them. We were told by an employee in the cash office they had sold 22,000 tickets in advance, and only had 200 people purchase tickets on the day.

Despite this clearly unprofessional and, frankly, rude behavior directed to Mr. Cox, the superstar DJ has a spectacular summer lineup including several nights at Space in Ibiza from August 8 - September 12.

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