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Join the ranks of top DJs like X-Ecutioners, Mixologists, and Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Red Bull Music Academy is accepting applications and demos for this year's DJ classes. Get all the information right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jun 28, 2002

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Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Application Phase: June 17 - July 12 2002
Term I: November 3 - November 15 2002
Term II: November 20 - December 2 2002

Don't call it a comeback, it's been here for years… To be precise, in 1998 the first ever Red Bull Music Academy opened its doors for the first semester of 30 up and coming producers and DJs, somewhere in a defunct warehouse in Berlin. From the very first day and Jeff Mills' infamous trans-global hotel confessions onwards, it built a platform where international music lovers, beat cognoscenti and business headz shared their views, battled over differences, came together under all sorts of grooves.

Whether in Berlin 1998/99, Dublin 2000, New York 2001 or London 2002, the Red Bull Music Academy created a space where those who know met with those who really want to know more about it. Where the driving forces behind the world's most vibrant subcultures told their stories in their own words, reflected their approaches, gained new inspiration from the participants hailing from 28 nations.

The Red Bull Music Academy saw among many many others the X-Ecutioners, Mixologists, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Nu-Mark, Craze, Derrick Carter, Storm and Grandwizard Theodore tearing vinyl apart; Phil Asher, Herbert, Tom Middleton and Daz IQ flipping Beats; David Rodigan, Saxon Sound and Mad Professor praising the Jamaican foundations; 4Hero, King Britt and Jay Majic exploring the modern dance entrepreneurs' customs; Cream, K!7 and Universal representing 'the other side' Killa Kela making music with his mouth; Patrick Forge and Gilles Peterson talkin' all that jazz; Claude Young, John Acquaviva and Ectomorph exploring one side of Detroit Techno City, DJ Assault & Godfather the backsides; Alex Rosner, Dave Smith and Roger Linn waxing about technological innovations which built entire cultures; Cristian Vogel, Westbam, Deep and MJ Cole discussing the benefits of them - and saw them return, to meet the new generation of worldwide talent who made their way past the application criteria.

This year's chapter will take the Red Bull Music Academy to another continent, the unique platform will touch base in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Without any doubt, Brazil's musical heritage in all its richness is among the most exciting ones on this planet; the recent global impact of DJs like Marky & Patife just a tiny spearhead of this energetic 16 Million+ -21 Century-Metropolis. Up to date information on the application process, the Red Bull Music Academy as such and insights into past workshop sessions can be found at.

The applications will have to be sent in between June 17 and July 12 2002 and must include a 30 minute self-made mix, current photos and a fully filled out questionnaire, which can be downloaded from. Two groups of 30 DJs/Producers will be invited (flights and accommodation are covered) to attend the two-weeks-workshops in Sao Paolo:

Term I: November 3 - November 15 2002
Term II: November 20 December 2 2002

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