Dirty Vegas Strikes Back

After a 4 year hiatus the iconic Grammy Award winning UK band, Dirty Vegas are back.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jan 28, 2009

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Ben and Paul Harris return with vocalist Steve Smith return to the headlines signing with Toolroom records for a new album and a smattering of singles. Most of the non electro-heads will recall Dirty Vegas' monster single "Days go By" from the 2003 TV commercial for the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Wait.. you remember, the girl pop-locking in the passenger's seat (video). And that commercial begs mention of Dave Chappelle's parody (video).

Commercialism aside, DV had a pretty strong start and after four years we are eager to hear what they will come up with. We hear the album will be more band orientated with a full on worldwide tour to follow. The first single, "Pressure", (audio) goes back to their house roots however, picking up where they left off. It has already turned the ear of Pete Tong, hitting the Essential Selection and made a strong showing at the Amsterdam Dance Event. The track has also been remixed by Sultan and his production partner Ned Shepard.

There is a 2nd single in the pipeline called 'Changes' which will drop March / April just in time for the WMC.

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