Depeche Mode's Darkest Star Remixed by James Holden

Our single of the week features a brand new James Holden remix experience. Listen here!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Apr 30, 2006

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(Single of the Week) This week sees the release of another phenomenal remix production by UK-based tech/progressive/mnml/electro DJ/Producer legend James Holden. Typical of a Holden production, he breaks down the original melody and vocals to its core and creates a dark and writhing experience that holds true to the source intentions. The Dub version explores progressive phrasing techniques with some tribal overtones that provides a floating feeling and a strong rhythmic pulse. Pick up this 5-star release on 12" from Mute Records.

"The Darkest Star (James Holden Remix)"
Artist: Depeche Mode
Format: 12" Single
Released: April 24, 2006
Label: Mute Records
Our Rating: (5.0/5.0)
1. "The Darkest Star" (James Holden remix)
2. "The Darkest Star" (James Holden dub)

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