Death in Vegas at Pianos in NYC

One of InternetDJ's most favored groups, Death in Vegas, will be playing at hot NYC club 'Pianos' for 2 nights in April. Get the full details plus streams from their new album right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Apr 4, 2003

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Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas are here the week of April 7-10 for promo on their newest beauty "Scorpio Rising" due out June 17th on Sanctuary. On Tuesday April 8th, Richard and Tim will be bringing their wildly infamous London night LAMF (Lazy Ass Mother Fuckers) playing sleezy electro+rare electronic gems to Pianos. They'll be on the decks from 11:30 to 2:30. There will be a dub maestro upstairs, and visuals by Spencer.

Scorpio Rising features Electro innovators Adult who add punk like attitude with robotic vocals and cutting edge lyrics. Recorded in the heart of India, Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes collaborated with Dr. L. Subramaniam, a renowed Indian violinist and a massive star in his country , who has worked with George Harrison and Herbie Hancock. The Dr. helped score the string arrangements on 3 tracks including "Killing Smile" featuring the seductive vocals by Hope Sandavol as well as "So You Say You Lost Your Baby," a Gene Clarke cover featuring vocals by Paul Weller. The other static-charged garage rock track features vocals by Liam Gallagheron the first single & title track "Scorpio Rising." On "Help Yourself" over 22 violins were used so you get a very shrill sound. Another beautifully haunting female fronted track features Dot Allison on the shadowy "Diving Horses." The result is a far more beautiful sound than Death In Vegas have ever attempted before. An album of disparate elements but of unifying spirit. DIV demonstrate the true art of collaborating by keeping their guests in their natural habitat.

Hands Around My Throat 20 32
Hands (Adult Mix) 20 32
Leather Girls 20 32

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