Deadmau5 and BURNS Own New York

Deadmau5 and BURNS performed Thanksgiving eve and we were there.

Posted by dlong on Fri Dec 4, 2009

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Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff
Sep 9, 2009

Terminal 5 was filled to capacity for the one of the best known DJs in the world, Deadmau5. As I arrived to Terminal 5, Young folk were getting turned down left and right at the ticket window. Buy your tickets in advance kids, you live and learn. Big name, fast ticket sales.

If there was a lesser DJ than Deadmau5 on the night, BURNS would have not only have stolen the spotlight, but taking the crowd with him out the door. Before BURNS took stage right before Deadmau5,and there were chants of “Deadmau5, Deadmau5, Deadmau5”. However, 45 minutes into BURNS smash performance, three rafters in terminal 5 were cheering “BURNS, BURNS, BURNS”. BURNS filled terminal 5 with beats from TEKNIQUE, utilized his onstage charisma and delivered an energetic performance that permeated the venue. BURNS was sporting a University Notre Dame t-shirt, so I am going by the traditional cliché of the Fighting Irish….BURNS “Played like a Champion Today.”

Fans of Deadmau 5 were sporting mouse heads left and right. Some pink, some yellow, some red, some had their eyes lit up. Canadians were represented in full force, making the trip from Montréal to see their favorite native artist. Unfortunately there was no Molson at the bar for them, but Deadmau5’s beats and ripping electrics was all they needed.

Deadmau5 put on an awesome light show, wearing the traditional giant mouse head helmet and Deadmau5 crushed it from start to finish. His production on stage was impressive, along with his marathon of songs. He delivered progressive energy throughout the happening, by integrating tunes from 4 of his original 2009 albums. Fun night for fans of Deadmau5.

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