David Piccioni's Prophecy for 2007 Miami WMC Fulfilled

Our review of Azuli's top picks for post 2007 Winter Music Conference.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Mar 27, 2007

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On April 2nd 2007, Azuli will release David Piccioni's two CD mix highlighting the tunes that rocked Miami during Winter Music Conference week in Miami. This mix is the latest installment of the longest running Miami series out there. Although we are traditionally fans of cutting-edge progressive & tech house, this mix features a tracklist that can be appreciated by any dance music aficionado.

On compiling the album, Azuli's David Piccioni commented "the Miami album is a high point in the Azuli calendar, we've being doing this since 1999, and it's become immensely popular. It's a real high point for us as doing this album is a great search for what will be the musical high points of the summer season, and what better place to hear those than in Miami!".

The album begins much like others you've heard this year, very tech and progressive house heavy, then it flips a complete u-turn with updated anthem-esque house that we've been deprived of lately. It takes some set of stones to start a mix set with the Boris D’lugosch's of "I Thought That" and an hour later end with the smooth old-school charm of GusGus' "Moss". When you take on an experience like Miami during WMC you have a huge amount of taste variance to contend with. David Piccioni does a solid job in making this a fluid and personal mix that is spot on for 2007.

On CD1, there are many solid selections in this mix that we can totally get into, like the first four tracks of course (isn't "Automatic" a f'n awesome single?). We started to lose interest when it took that old school turn when "Pulverton 2.0" came on, and really got annoyed with the inclusion of "Wiggle Wiggle Shake Shake". CD2 starts out strong with a fresh track from John Dahlback and a remix of a Chicken Lips classic; the Vandalism remix of "He Not In" breathes new life into that legendary bassline. Other stand-out tracks on CD2 include Volta's tremendous "Robot Need Oil" and Kamisshake's "Gin + Tonic".

"Miami 2007"
Mixed By: David Piccioni
Format: 2 Disc Mixed/Unmixed
Label: Azuli Records
Released: April 2, 2007
Our Rating: (4/5)
1. The Migrants by Play Paul – I Thought That (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
2. Laura Kidd – Automatic
3. Tim Andresen – Everybody (Ben Macklin Remix)
4. JdotP – SID Bubble (Yer Man Remix)
5. Niels van Gogh vs. Eniac – Pulverturm 2.0 (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
6. Stonebridge – SOS (Ortega + Gold Mix)
7. James Talk - Wiggle Wiggle Shake Shake (Funkagenda’s Swingin’ Soul Patch Remix)
8. Dave Spoon feat. Laura Vane – Won’t Do It Again [Sunrise] (Funkagenda’s Out Of Character Mix)
9. David Tort & DJ Ruff Meets DJ Disciple – Changes (NY Deep Mix)
10. Shakedown – Lonely Road (Shakedown Firehorse Remix)
11. Ultra DJ’s – Me & U
12. GusGus – Moss

CD 2
1. John Dahlback - Blink
2. Chicken Lips – He Not In (Vandalism Remix)
3. Stereo Scum feat. Melleefresh – Let’s Get Dirty (Electro Mix)
4. Robot Need Oil – Volta
5. John Acquaviva pres. SWEN WEBER – First Stroke
6. Kamisshake – Getting Stronger (Dirty Vocal)
7. Ralph Falcon – I Need Someone (The Cube Guys Remix)
8. Eric Laville & J.M. Sicky – Unknown (The Cube Guys Remix)
9. Kamisshake – Gin + Tonic
10. The Fix - Anesthetic
11. Alexander Maier – Road of Injury

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