Darren Emerson and Sharam Jey Release Underwater Episode 4

Guaranteed to be this Summer's best progressive house mix album. Listen to the samples here... you'll definitely recognize some favorites we've featured recently.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jul 22, 2005

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The next installment of the Episode series is out now. Featuring a whole host of upfront and current dancefloor delights, these 2 CDs are setting the standard for the forthcoming Underwater comps. This is also the only chance you will get to hear 2 exclusive new tracks from Darren's forthcoming album.

This mix should satisfy hardcore proggy house fans as well as newbies to the genre. Sorry for the rest of you in the States, its not out until September. However, you can pick it up from Juno in the UK right now.

"Underwater Episode 4"
Mixed By: Darren Emerson and Sharam Jey
Format: 2xCD
Label: Underwater Records
Released: July 14th
Our Rating: (5.0/5.0)
Disc 1 (Darren Emerson)
1. Emerson - "Hard4slow"
2. Kerowack - "Dirty Bumf" (Soul Mekanik mix)
3. Hughes & Spiers - "Put Ya Body In It"
4. Mode Hookers - "Instrumental"
5. Slam - "Bright Lights Fading" (Slam remix)
6. Redanka - "Waves" (King Unique mix)
7. Darren Emerson pres H20 - "I Can't Hear You"
8. Tim Deluxe - "Reflections"
9. Joel Mull - "Fantastish"
10. Bug Chaser - "Killing Eyes"
11. Evil Nine - "For Lovers Not Fighters"
12. Superdiscount - "Fast Track"
13. Emerson - "Chicago Mousse"
14. H Man - "Manga"
15. Emerson - "Superbadd"
Disc 2 (Sharam Jey)
1. MANDY vs Booka Shade - "Body Language"
2. Audio Werner - "Still Jackin"
3. Magik Johnson feat Sandy Mill - "Feel Alright"
4. Riton vs Howdie - "Closer"
5. Coburn - "We Interrupt This Program"
6. Digitalism - "Zdarlight"
7. Gregg feat Lotus & Carbon - "Body Electronic"
8. Sharam Jey - "Feel Nobody"
9. Quesh - "Candy Girl" (dub mix)
10. Sharam Jey - "Shaka" (Loulou Players mix)
11. Gregg feat Lotus & Carbon - "Woman Beat Da Man"
12. Plump DJ's - "Bullet Train"
13. Freestylers feat Million Dan - "Boom Blast" (Deekline & Wizard feat Yolanda mix)

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