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D. Saxmo: “Yesterday’s Future”

“This is good stuff! The musicianship in this group is awe-inspiring. The songs are intelligent & well-written, …a great diversion from the dull and pointless styles of mainstream music. This is songwriting at it's best and musical fusion that is pure genius!” Michael Allison – www.TheGlobalMuse.com

“…a range of influences that gel into a pleasing mix of blues rock with a twist…the songs are ballsy (and) the band hits its stride…proving the blues has many faces.” Bryan Baker, www.Gajoob.com

“A home run, with pro playing and lyrical content…you go D. Saxmo!” Ben Ohmart - www.MusicDish.com

“The greatest and worst thing, at the same time, about Indie Music is (that) artists control the work. This has given the world some great, some good and some bad efforts. D. Saxmo falls squarely into the excellent category!” Ben Baker - www.Indie-Music.com

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jul 18, 2001

D. Saxmo’s members are as diverse as their music. Ranjeet is from Lucknow, India. Dewitt was born in Mississippi and grew up in New Jersey. Jim was born and raised in southern Indiana. Yet when they met in New York City, their music just came together. For them writing has always come easy, in fact most of Jim’s lyrics are written on cocktail napkins, matchbook covers and even airsick bags. Ranjeet has been making music, inside and outside of his head, since he was a school kid riding rickshaws in Lucknow. DeWitt, the road veteran of the trio, honed his bass chops touring with Motown, Doowop, Jazz, Blues and Rock bands. Combined, the D. Saxmo sound is original, rockin’, manic, fun, …all with an honesty that chicks dig!

Yesterday’s Future is currently receiving significant promotional broadcast radio airplay in venues such as: Trax Radio Showcase an 8-station radio network covering NY, PA & southern Canada; charting in the Top 10 on Ison Live Radio, a weekly syndicated radio broadcasting in Australia, UK & Canada; by request (!) airing on RDP, Portugal’s largest radio network; the “Music Spotlight Show” on KCLA-FM in Torrance, CA & heard in Hollywood; and again by request in Bryansk, Russia! Web radio is also pumping up D. Saxmo with honors and features including: September, November & December #1 Artist & Hall of Fame on www.Peacework.com; Elite Artist on www.TheGlobalMuse.com; all tracks featured on the Friday night Live Shoutcast/Chat on www.MP3ArtistArchive.com; Top 10 of the Month “One World” feature on www.Musicscape.com; November feature on www.M4Radio.com Show #190; and web radio rotation on www.MP3.com, www.ListeningRoom.Lycos.com, www.RealNetRadio.com, www.TheIntenetDJ.com, www.RadioFreeRadio.com & www.RudeRadio.com, and more!

Folks who hear D. Saxmo want the music! Ben Baker at www.Indie-Music.com urges listeners to “Buy – Borrow – Bust…you will love this CD!” Discover how Yesterday’s Future hits dead-on with melodies you can hum, lyrics you can remember and a beat that’ll rock your feet! With DeWitt Nelson on bass, Ranjeet Saxena on violin & guitars and Jim Moseley on vocals & drums, D. Saxmo has released their 2nd independent CD and is currently entertaining serious label or distribution inquiries.

D. Saxmo has just re-released their 1st cd Strapless Luggage, with a brand new mix and artwork. Both CDs are on sale now at www.Amazon.com. Check out why Michael Allison at www.TheGlobalMuse.com predicts: "Strapless Luggage is one hot album that simply cooks with excitement and energy, …many new music fans will be finding their groove with this amazing album!”

For more information, please contact: Melinda Leal, Manager
Phone: 212.517.9887/New York or 214.358.1512/Dallas Email: D.Saxmo@Worldnet.Att.Net
Web: www.DSaxmo.com www.mp3.com/DSaxmo

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