Crobar NY Crisis :: Two People Shot in Nightclub

This place is going downhill fast.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jul 15, 2006

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According to the NY Daily News, two women were shot inside the Chelsea NYC nightclub Crobar. Angelita Dunkley, 35, and her friend Antoinette Bryan, 39, were struck by the same bullet around 10:20pm.

Bryan says of the event, "No one at the club believed it at first. Then people saw the blood." They were shot with a .22 calibre bullet, which is still lodged in Dunkley's knee.

This is the latest in a string of tragic events, including 30 violations this year alone. In 2004, a women was abducted from Crobar and raped in New Jersey. The local community board held an emergency council yesterday to review Crobar's license. The police have not made any arrests.

Crobar NY is generally an excellent venue, and we're sorry to see this string of bad luck. It attracts exceptional DJs and has some of the best club nights anywhere.

At 10:20pm, the place is usually dead, things start heating up around 1am so there couldn't have been too many people on the dance floor. Were any of our members attending Crobar when this happened?

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