Coon: The Art of Mishearing

Between my bass guitar and noise maker.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu May 5, 2016

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Coon: The Art of Mishearing

Coon is a loosely assembled bunch. While the Norwegian brothers Jørund and Eirik took the lead writing and producing the debut album ‘The Art of Mishearing’, some tracks were co-written by others. But several indispensable musicians and vocalists have also played an important part of the making of this album.

Chill out? Down tempo electronica? Bass-focused digicoustic tracks colored by house, bossa nova, trip/hip-hop, jazz, grunge and funk? And hopefully sufficiently casual. The Art of Mishearing is a collection of tracks with inspiration ranging from the early 90’s basslines of the Red Hot Chili Peppers via Fila Brazillia’s trip hop to old and new South American music. The eclectic representation of musical styles gives the album an interesting variety but in a way it also keeps things together nicely.

The Art of Mishearing is scheduled for release May 3rd 2016 and will be available on CD and for online streaming and download on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and many other services.

The Art of Mishearing

E: Paradig’em!
J: Power wiggle? Yeah, that’s a cool track title.
E: Power wiggle? No, I meant paradigm.
J: No, that’s too pretentious, let’s go with Power Wiggle.

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