Converting Freeloaders to Registered Members with IBM Mobile Web Push

IBM launches new platform for personalized push notifications to mobile and tablet website viewers.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Feb 28, 2014


Recognizing the need for marketers to get started fast with minimal setup, IBM now offers the IBM Mobile Web Push solution through a convenient monthly subscription that can be purchased online on the IBM Cloud marketplace website. They are offering a free (no credit card necessary) 30-day trial so you can get up an running with website push campaigns in about 90 seconds.

There are a variety of use cases that IBM Mobile Web Push will satisfy, especially true if you have a need to convert your anonymous web visitors into registered members. This is a particularly important problem to solve for content sites that depend on these conversions for highly targeted demographic-based advertising and to support retention/growth of your member base. While you can code rules into your site to help foster these initiatives, IBM Mobile Web Push makes it a lot easier to integrate comprehensive campaign management based on rules that you create and data that you collect about your visitors.

While I am a caretaker of this service, I have a particular need for it in my own private projects, including the site you're on right now. I signed up with IBM Mobile Web Push as a customer and deployed it on InternetDJ. A problem that I have relates to anonymous users "driving by" the site, listening to a handful of songs and leaving. In this case, I never get a chance to automatically recommend other free music this visitor might like from musicians that have shared their work. I use IBM Mobile Web Push, along with anonymous data that I collect about each user, to trigger a notification after the visitor listens to 3 or more songs in the span of 10 minutes, and has not registered with the site. 

To put this campaign into effect, I employed the following steps (follow the links for specific how-to):

  • If, the visitor is anonymous, add them to the "new anon user" segment: Segments
  • Create and log custom events to track when an anonymous visitor clicks the play button: Creating your own events
  • I'm using the default display and the simple inbox modules provided by IBM Mobile Web Push out of the box: Basic Setup

I've also setup frequency cap rules in the campaign manager and adjust over time so that I don't overwhelm or anger the anonymous visitor with superfluous messaging. At the moment, I've settled on 3 pushes per day, with at least 10 minutes between messages, with no more than 12 total pushed to each visitor.  I also try to keep the messaging fresh and somewhat humorous as message content has been the biggest driver in optimizing conversion rates. On average I've seen conversions improve by 20% over the past few months of operation.

As an end-customer, what I found most compelling about the IBM Mobile Web Push product is the simplicity and ease of managing campaigns. I was able to quickly adjust the custom rules I've setup as well as alter the content to test what's most effective for my particular audience.  In addition, I've found the JavaScript SDK and methods to be super simple to setup with my own custom events and audience attributes.  I didn't find I needed to share any code from my project as I'm using out-of-the-box functionality included with IBM Web Push and worked within the guidelines and sample code provided by the documentation. 

Sign-up for a trial and take it for a spin yourself. If you'd like any assistance with your own project, the team is happy to help kickstart.

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