CONTEST: Win a Future Sound of London Prize Pack

Three InternetDJ members will win a prize package from The Future Sound of London, including their first studio album in 7 years, 'The Isness'. Plus, check out video and audio from the album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 22, 2002

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Isness - Audio & Video

The Isness is, the most enigmatic and wholly satisfying FSOL release to date. They really out did themselves this time in terms of sheer sonic mastery and depth of artistic vision. The album picks up where Radioheadís Kid A left off.

1. Elysian Feels
2. The Mello Hippo Disco Show
3. Goodbye Sky (Reprise)
4. Osho
5. The Galaxial Pharmaceutical
6. Yes My Brother
7. Go Tell It To The Trees Egghead
8. Divinity
9. Guru Song
10. Her Tongue Is Like A Jellyfish
11. Meadows
12. High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh
13. Goodbye Sky

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