Contest: Drum Voice Releases Electronic Music Vol.1

Drum Voice Publications Inc. launches Electronic Music Vol.1. Available in French and English, it is the most complete directory of electronic music record labels in the world. Your chance to win a copy here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri May 6, 2005

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EM Vol.1 is a comprehensive tool for artist aiming to promote and market their music and aiming to get to the next level. This record label database contains detailed information on demo submission policies, A&R team contacts, detailed label contact information and coordinates and a label printing tool for over 2000 labels from around the world specializing in all electronic music styles.

To help in approaching the labels, the software includes demo submission guidelines for electronic music artists, vocalists and producers. To obtain first hand knowledge of industry practices, EM Vol.1 includes interviews explaining how to succeed in the industry with global artists including Tiga, Kerri Chandler, Momu, and Miguel Graca.

The legal side of the industry is also discussed with Mark Quail, the attorney for top electronic music artists such as Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, John Aquaviva and Max Graham. As a bonus for the aspiring producer, 175 license free audio samples from top producers such as, Fred Everything and Mateo Murphy.

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