Club Movie 'Human Traffic' Gets Sequel

One of the great clubland films is about to get a sequel. Get some preliminary details right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Aug 30, 2002

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Although details are sketchy at the moment it has been confirmed that Human Traffic 2 will commence filming in Ibiza on September 15th. The original shot to cult status, not because it was a particularly fantastic piece of film making but because of its subject matter. Clubbing films are hard to come by and most of them have been complete rubbish like Kevin and Perry go Large. But there is a large audience of people who want to see them. Human Traffic 2 will be eagerly awaited, no doubt.

It is believed that a whole new cast will be brought in from the original and you can expect some big industry name to make cameos. A few names have been thrown around such as Pete Tong, Sasha and the ever popular Carl Cox.

According to the Ibiza Sun, producers are in talks with Manumission organisers to film scenes at the closing party of the 3,000-capacity club so if you happen to be on the island in September then you may well find you clubbing antics captured on film and displayed for all to see on the silver screen.

Could be one to look forward to... The Milky Bars are on ME!

If you haven't seen the original Human Traffic, watch the trailer here.

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