Chris Liebing to Release a Techno Mix Masterpiece

For hard driving techno fans, 'Live in Beograd' set is nirvana. Featuring tracks from techno allstars Speedy J, Phil Kieran and of course Mr. Liebing himself. Details and tour info here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jul 19, 2005

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Although some people may call it "Shranz" (a term coined by Chris Liebing in 1994), this album is pure TECHNO at its best. It is a superbly mastered double CD set that exudes peak-hour energy and mixed as expected from this year's German Dance Awards "Best Techno Artist". Mark your calendars now, the album is due out in September 2005 in stores and online everywhere.

"Live in Beograd"
Artist: Chris Liebing
Format: Double CD
Label: CLR
Released: September 2005
Our Rating: (5.0/5.0)
01 Function: The Balance of Power (Olga & Jozef remix)
02 Eric Sneo: Break on though
03 Hardcell and Per Grindvik: Armada
04 Jörg Henze: Remain
05 Tearz: Life on Tokyo (Cave Remix)
06 Olivier Giacamotto and Alec Marqx: Split
07 Aural Emote: Fifth Column (Ben Sims Remix)
08 Felipe and Nicolas Bacher: Black Virgin
09 Aural Emote: Second Thought (Vince Watson Remix)
10 Mhonolink: Further Funkshunz 3
11 Alex Bau: Swelling Sirens
12 Anxious vs Preach: Message from your Mother
13 Olivier Giacomotto: Playground
14 Los 3 Brasilieros: Vivo (Eric Sneo remix)
15 Henrik B.: Manwolf (Liebing Remix 01)
16 Alex Bau: CLAU 09 A1
17 Patrik Skoog: Xtro
01 Patrik Skoog: Xtro
02 Tim Xavier: Ode to Rush
03 Frank Biazzi: Fiction
04 Joey Beltram: Intermission
05 Speedy J. & Chris Liebing: Trezcore
06 Chris Liebing: Live Bits
07 Hardcell & Grindvik: Square
08 Speedy J. & Chris Liebing: Tunox (Early Edit)
09 Petar Dundov: Dynamo
10 Olivier Giacomotto & Alec Marqx: First second
11 Cave: Timbales
12 Eric Sneo: Big it up
13 Phil Kieran (Chris Liebing Remix): Alloy Mental
14 Alex Bau: Unpleasant Surprise

Chris Liebing Tour Dates
July 2005
07/20/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
07/23/2005 Club Zeuss - Coruna, Spain
07/27/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
07/29/2005 M1 - Stuttgart, Germany
07/30/2005 Global Gathering - UK
August 2005
08/03/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
08/05/2005 Arriondas, Spain
08/06/2005 Dance Valley - The Netherlands
08/10/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
08/17/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
08/24/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
08/26/2005 Prambachkirchen, Austria
08/31/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
September 2005
09/07/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
09/10/2005 Avalon - New York, USA
09/14/2005 Privilege - Ibiza, Spain
November 2005
11/12/2005 Avalon - New York, USA

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