Chinese Search Engine Baidu Target of Record Company Rage

Even the great firewall of China can't stop the pirates.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jun 3, 2008

A collection of Chinese and international copyright protection agencies are targeting the search engine They claim the search engine enables music piracy and is, according to a recent statement by these agencies, "the largest and most incorrigible purveyor of pirated music in China."

Baidu is the most popular website in China. Certain search terms provide deep links to havens of illegally distributed music and other media. The agencies have sent a stern has sent a letter to advertisers asking them "to carefully consider whether they should continue to place advertisements on pirating media."

In response to these allegations, Baidu claims they "believe in copyright protection" and "develop innovative business models" to counter such activities. The agencies involved in the attack against Baidu include the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the Music Copyright Society of China; and the China Audio-Video Copyright Association. The usual suspects also signed the statement: Universal Music Group, EMI Group PLC, Sony BMG Entertainment and Warner Music Group Corp.

(editor's note) Even though I do not speak Chinese or Mandarin, it took me no more than one (1) minute to locate and discover the capability of downloading the entire Beatles catalog in MP3 format. We did not act on that capability, of course.

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