Chemical Brothers' New Album

The Chemical Brothers' new album is slated for an October release. We've found some details on it.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 30, 2001

The album has the working title of Chemical 4 and they have collaborated with Richard Ashcroft (Verve) and Beth Orton on the new LP.

Tom and Ed told Radio One working with Ashcroft was a great experience: "He came into the studio and went 'come on, acid house, yeah wicked' and off he went".

"His music has the same sort of sense of abandon, especially when you see him play live or in the studio. He just gets transported and he's just sort of communicating on top of our music, it's mind blowing!"

Since the spring, Tom and Ed Chemical have been road testing some new material in their DJ sets and consequently gave some slates of one of the tracks, "It Began In Afrika" to a few select DJ's.

Some of the lucky DJ's who have been playing it are Pete Tong, Danny Tenaglia, Francios K, Fatboy Slim, Roger Sanchez and Paul Oakenfold.

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